A One-Day, Brand-Led, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Exhibition, Central London, 19th March 2024

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Propel Your Career In Tech Forward By Breaking Barriers & Leveraging Cutting-Edge Tech Trends & Actionable Digital Innovations For

High-Impact Strategies To Empower & Inspire The Careers Of Women In Tech & Harness The Latest Tech Developments

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr Kate Gill, Digital Revolution Priority Lead, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Edafe Onerhime, Executive Director, Intelligent Automation Lead, JP Morgan




09.20 Empowerment Through Knowledge: Drive AI Breakthroughs & Leverage The Latest Insights Into Efficient & Successful AI & ML Journeys For Long-Lasting Results Across Your Business

  • Explore the ethical dilemmas posed by AI advancements and discover best practices to develop fair and unbiased AI models to promote transparency and accountability
  • Highlight the significance of diverse perspectives in AI development to ensure new technologies benefit all segments of society and unveil biases to create inclusive technologies
  • Demystify AI and ML to uncover the foundations and possibilities and showcase real-world, impactful applications across industries to transform your skills and organisation
  • Communicate the importance of AI to make informed strategic decisions with cross-functional collaboration to leverage AI’s potential effectively and align it with personal and organisational goals 

09.20 Perspective One

Dr Kate Gill, Digital Revolution Priority Lead, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

09.40 Perspective Two

Charutha Krishnan, Senior Data Scientist, Walgreens Boots Alliance




10.00 Flexible, Scalable & Efficient: Effectively Implement The Latest Innovations In Tech & Relieve Automation Anxieties To Secure Investment In Technology Which Will Skyrocket Your Career & Advance Your Skillsets

  • Keep updated with rapidly-evolving technologies like generative AI, blockchain, and quantum computing and engage in lifelong learning to foster adaptability and maintain relevance in the dynamic tech landscape
  • As technology continues to shape the future, ensure ethical considerations such as responsible AI, data privacy, and the societal impacts of emerging tech are at the forefront of decisions without sacrificing regulatory compliance
  • Embrace the potential of new tools such as generative AI to seize new opportunities to become an industry leader and make informed, strategic decisions to establish long-term organisational success
  • Tap into advanced tech approaches that democratise access to data and analytics, enhance security, and liberate your workforce from time-consuming work to orientate towards top strategic business value

Imisi Fakunle, Product & Technology Analyst, Deutsche Bank

Rebecca Bissell, Director of IT, Technology & Data, Transport for London


10.30 Advocate To Create Tailored Onboarding Programmes Which Address Unique Challenges & Opportunities Faced By Women Entering Technical Positions To Build SupporOve Female Networks Which Drive Career Growth & Retain Top Talent

  • Navigate potential challenges during the onboarding process with inclusive recruitment strategies that attract a diverse range of candidates to foster a gender-inclusive workplace
  • Gain a competitive advantage to take that much needed jump up the ladder by diving deeper into the tech recruitment process, pinpointing exactly where you need to focus your efforts, from cv writing, to technical interviews and practical assessments
  • Utilise key insights from valuable feedback loops to measure the effectiveness of onboarding and continuously improve strategies and guaranteed boosted retention
  • Recognise the value of mentorship and networking to support growth in the tech industry from day one and advance your career in the process 

Alex Duncan, Chief Technology Officer, British Heart Foundation

10.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking – Dedicated Speed Networking- Get Involved!


11.50 Take Your Career To The Next Level By Staying Updated On Emerging Technologies, Industry Trends & Best Practices To Enhance Your Skillset, Develop A Growth Mindset & Create A Personal Brand Tailored To You

  • As the tech industry evolves rapidly, continuous learning and adaptability is essential to constantly upskill… explore emerging technologies and stay relevant by engaging with training programmes to bring the best out of yourself to drive advancement
  • Proactively seek out resources and training to fill any knowledge gaps or skill deficiencies to boost personal development
  • Leverage critical leadership and soft skills to balance your technical expertise alongside effective communication, collaboration, mentoring, and emotional intelligence
  • Strategically harness the multidisciplinary advantages of tech and explore intersections between technical fields and other related areas to enhance cross-disciplinary expertise, offer holistic solutions and foster innovation

Angela Wallace, Head of Quality Engineering Centre of Excellence, Lloyds Banking Group


12.10 Navigating Your Own Career Development: Recognise & Own Your Value As A Female Leader In Tech To Cultivate A Sense Of Empowerment, Progression & Opportunity & Accelerate Your Career Advancement

  • Identify and address potential barriers that hinder career growth for women in technical fields in order to break through barriers and seize leadership opportunities
  • Help to support and design successful mentorship programmes that facilitate skill development and networking to build relationships that bridge gaps and propel careers forward
  • Cultivate a leadership mindset and develop resilience to overcome imposter syndrome through confidence and self-advocacy
  • Take in candid conversations with senior women who have shattered ceilings and inspired disruptive change in the tech industry with insights into their journeys, challenges, and real- world advice




12.30 Equity In Opportunity: Overcome Barriers To Career Progression, Smash Through Glass Ceilings & Combat Imposter Syndrome To Thrive As A Women In Tech & Skyrocket Potential

  • Is your organisation committed to providing equal growth opportunities for career advancement by creating transparent promotion paths, fair performance evaluations, and mentorship programmes to advance the careers of women in tech?
  • Challenge biases, break taboos, and build supportive work cultures which invest in leadership development tailored to the needs of senior-level women to accelerate critical progression as well as providing sufficient resources to support women in tech through their professional journeys
  • Tech trailblazer stories: hear personal journeys, challenges and pivotal moments that have shaped the careers of top female leaders in tech to become inspired, no matter where you are in your career journey right now
  • Take proactive steps to manage imposter syndrome, both personally and in your organisation, to reduce feelings of isolation and allow yourself as a woman in tech to thrive in your career and make valuable contributions to the industry as a whole

Aashima Praveen, Associate Director, Growth Product Marketing, Bumble 

Arushi Madan, Assistant Vice President – Software Engineer, Barclays 

Ruth Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Lloyds Banking Group 

Sarah Mullane, Director, Health Technology, Johnson & Johnson 

Hena Naranbhai, Director of Strategic Development, Barclays

Rebecca Howard, Director – Engineering, Ticketmaster

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Coaching Sessions – Develop Your Soft Skills

a. Coaching Workshop: Data Storytelling

Sue Geuens, Director Data Governance & Product Data, Elsevier

b. Coaching Workshop

Natalie Law, Head of IT Service, Strategy Network Rail

c. Coaching Workshop

Neha Pandey, Director – Data & Analytic, Direct Line Group

14.20 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Yashwinee Karkera, CTO Leadership- Data Architecture, Admiral Group Plc


14.30 Royal Mail Case Study

Hulya Humphreys, IT Portfolio Director, Royal Mail


14.50 Allyship & Advocacy: Foster An Inclusive Workplace Environment That Promotes A Culture Of Diversity & Allyship To Embrace Unique Perspectives & Propel Careers Forward By Supporting Others

  • Embrace diverse experiences and viewpoints and demonstrate how they contribute to innovation and problem-solving within your team to ensure every voice is heard and valued
  • Advocate to create and support a company culture that is committed to championing inclusive policies, supporting flexible work arrangements, and combating unconscious biases that can hinder growth
  • Shine a spotlight on underrepresented voices in your team and provide a broader range of perspectives to promote a sense of belonging, combat imposter syndrome and boost the confidence of all women in technical roles
  • Encourage allyship and play an active role in promoting gender equality by recognising and addressing unconscious biases and using influence to support women’s career growth 

Arushi Madan, Assistant Vice President – Software Engineer, Barclays




15.10 Embrace Data & Analytic Insights To Drive Innovation Through Disruption, Stay Competitive & Enhance Your Personal Brand & Skillset

  • Interpret and leverage critical data and analytic insights for strategic decision-making that empowers business to grow through innovation and enhances your skill set for advancement
  • Utilise data-driven insights to identify and rectify bias in hiring practices, monitor representation across teams, and foster an inclusive work culture that values different perspectives
  • Develop a strong foundation through data literacy to enable effective communication with data teams, bridge the gap between technical experts and strategic decision-makers and align data initiatives with broader business objectives
  • Stay competitive by harnessing data to identify emerging trends and develop groundbreaking products, services, and solutions that meet evolving industry demands and set your organisation ahead of the game

Andreea Iosub, Director of Data Strategy & Transformation, Aldermore Bank 

Deepa Tambe, Head of Reporting Technology, Barts Health NHS Trust 

Vera Hazelwood, Director: Data Science Skills & Partnerships, AstraZeneca 

Pulara Mapatuna, Data Scientist, FX Surveillance, London Stock Exchange Group 

Taisiya Merkulova, Data & Tech E-Commerce Director – Europe, PepsiCo 

Lila Tachtsi FREng, Director of Engineering & Asset Management, Eastern, Network Rail 

15.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Informal Breakouts 

a) Reverse Monitoring

b) Mid-Level Career Opportunities

c) Levelling Up

d) Coding 




16.40 Uncover New & Inspiring Strategies To Equip Yourself With The Skills Needed To Take Those Next Critical Steps Up The Ladder & Incorporate Career Growth Into Your Working Day

  • Develop your own leadership capabilities as well as improved technical expertise by utilising the unique way women think and act to solve business problems and enhance strategic thinking
  • Embrace training in negotiation and strategic thinking aimed to support and build the skills and self-confidence necessary to excel in leadership roles and navigate complex organisational dynamics
  • Secure engagement in tech at all career levels by advocating for people accountable freedom to grow and thrive to drive technological advancements and enhance employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Prioritise authentic leadership which fosters deeper connections with team members to inspire trust and collaboration to unlock the full creative potential of your team whilst enabling people to grow and develop themselves
  • Mentorship matters: recognise the importance of mentorship to actively advocate for growth within the organisation to instil and develop leadership skills in the next generation of women in tech

Louisa Itam, Senior Director, Engineering Delivery GSK 

Kay Church, Associate Director – Supercomputing Business Transformation, Met Office

Mary O’Callaghan, Director of Technology (Medical & Transformation), British Heart Foundation

Emily Collier, Director of Technology, TUI

Neha Pandey, Director – Data & Analytics, Direct Line Group

Rebecca Bissell, Director of IT, Technology & Data, Transport for London

Emma Marsh, Executive Director of Digital Technology & Communications, RSPB

Jenny Rae, Interim CIO, Imperial College London


17.10 Case Study By NHS Blood & Transplant

Christie Ash, Assistant Director – Blood Technology, NHS Blood & Transplant


17.30 Case Study By Met Office

Kirstine Dale, Chief AI Officer, Met Office

17.50 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference