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Women In Tech With Actionable, Transformational Strategies & The Latest Tech Advancements & Trends

AI & Machine Learning • Recruitment & Onboarding • Changing Tech Culture • Upskilling In Tech • Empowering The Next Generation • Barriers & Challenges • Advancing Mid-Level Career Opportunities • New Tech Trends • Diversity, Inclusion & Allyship • Leadership & Engagement

24 Cross-Sector Tech, Digital, Data Science, Coding & Analytics Thought Leaders Deliver Critical Insights From Harnessing AI & Machine Learning & Keeping Up With Tech Trends To Driving Unbiased Recruitment & Developing Inclusive & Diverse Cultures To Removing Stigmas & Early-Career Promotion, All In One Day!

21st March 2023, 10 Union Street, central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Hannah Bauer, Head of Learning & Performance, Vodafone

Ming Tang, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, NHS England

AI & Machine Learning

09.10 Balance The Latest AI & ML Advancements With The Human Touch To Provide Engaging & Personal Solutions Certain To Deliver Real & Long-Lasting Results Across Your Business

  • Female-centred machine learning! Find the perfect equilibrium between the human touch and tech to provide empathetic and compassionate AI within your businesses
  • Voice recognition, chatbots, manufacturing robots… which AI advancements will launch themselves within your business and change the tech landscape?
  • Is there a silver bullet? Attain efficient, low-cost and humanised AI services to drive positive change and meet vital business goals

Ashwini Singh, Vice President Head Office Technology Internal Audit, Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank

Recruitment & Onboarding


09.30 Advocate To Revolutionise Your Company’s Recruitment Practices & Help Create A Comprehensive & Unbiased Application Process To Build Up A Supportive Female Network & Drive Vital Career Growth

  • We don’t just make up the numbers! Take tangible steps to remove positive discrimination from candidate selection and ensure female employees feel valued and worthy at work
  • CV writing, technical interviews, assessments.. explore and understand the tech recruitment process to gain a competitive advantage and take that much needed jump
  • Onboarding and orientation: avoid the leaky pipeline! How can you generate that sense of belonging with new female starters and develop a strong women’s network within your company?

Simran Tilley, Operations Director, Enterprise Technology, HSBC

Sophie Stewart, Head of Data Science, UK Home Office

Nyssa Packard, Senior Director, Insights, Skyscanner

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Protiviti

Michelle Moody, Managing Director, Protiviti

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Changing Tech Culture


11.00 Promote A Flexible & Supportive Workplace Culture Which Is Attentive To Women’s Needs To Ultimately Engage Employees & Provide The Best Possible Environment To Succeed In Tech

  • Avoid using overworking as a badge of honour… explore how to encourage a cultural shift that prioritises a work-life balance and flexibility for working mothers
  • How do companies create a psychologically safe and comfortable environment in which women are able to bring their whole selves to work and thrive in the tech industry?
  • Learn by listening! Seek employee feedback and measure engagement to tackle the issues facing female employees and promote a culture in which women flourish in their tech role
  • Break down gender stereotypes, empower female colleagues and leverage female talent to ensure vital personal growth and career progression

Erica Livermore, Chief Technology Officer, TGI Fridays UK

Adelaide Kirby, Head of Programme Delivery, Marks and Spencer

Ashwini Singh, Vice President Head Office Technology Internal Audit, Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank

Katherine Phillips, Director of Portfolio, Product & Technology, Just Eat Takeaway.com

Coding & Leadership


11.00 Case Study

Pippa Newbold, Head of Markets Architecture, Citi

11.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Upskilling In Tech


12.20 Take Your Career To The Next Level: Take On New Training & Upskilling Opportunities & Engage In Clear & Genuine Development Opportunities 

  • Coding boot camps, mentoring programs, virtual learning… explore and engage with training programmes to bring the best out of yourself and drive career advancement
  • Upskilling soft skills is critical too! Develop a growth mindset and create a personal brand within tech that is certain to help you get ahead at work
  • Remove the knowledge gap and examine the pitfalls that prevent progression, explore the critical skills needed to be a leader in tech and ultimately accelerate your leadership journey

Nadia Ness, Global Head of Transformation, IKEA

Empowering The Next Generation


12.40 Promote & Encourage A Mentorship Training Model Guaranteed To Drive Forward Next Generation Talent In Tech

  • Gen Z and Gen Alpha are creating new technologies for tomorrow, today! How can we empower these voices and ensure the tech industry continues to develop for years to come?
  • Mentorship is mission-critical: tap into the strategies for empowering, championing and retaining the new generation of tech talent
  • The academic pipeline: explore the ways in which efforts can be made to diversify pathways into tech for the next-generation

Perspective One

Beata Mosio, Senior Technology Programme Manager, Marks & Spencer

Perspective Two

Aimee Burnham, Director of Colleague Technology, OVO Energy

13.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.55 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Reverse Mentoring
  2. Language
  3. Salaries & Pay Opportunities
  4. Levelling Up

14.20 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ingrid Iradukunda, Senior Technical PM, Logistics Optimisation Technologies, Amazon

Overcoming Barriers & Challenges


14.30 Breaking Taboos & Removing Stigmas! Address & Tackle Situations Of Bias & Misconceptions To Create A Psychologically Safe Working Environment & Drive Women To Excel In Tech

  • Remove the hurdles! Explore critical insights on creating a supportive internal team that challenges micro-aggressions and crafts a comfortable working environment for women
  • Reposition the low-code no-code! Remove misconceptions around coding in tech to give all women the opportunity to change career direction
  • Mentorship and sponsorship: acknowledge and tackle stereotypes in the workplace whilst nurturing and inspiring women to focus on their career development within tech

Solange Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, NatWest

Caroline Clement, Director in Quantitative Analytics Macro, Barclays Investment Bank

Lynn Beattie, Director of Technology, B&Q

Paula Bobbett, Chief Digital Officer, Boots

15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Advancing Mid-level Career Opportunities

15.20 It Isn’t Always About The C-Suite! Strive To Create & Develop A Culture In Which Women Feel Confident & Empowered To Deep-Dive Into Their Career Progression

  • Beating mid-career malaise! Understand and develop actionable steps to secure female employees on the track to early-career promotion
  • Eliminate imposter syndrome! Re-write the narrative around doubt and self-confidence and empower women to make that next career move
  • Encourage and aid employees to find their niche, locate opportunities and develop critical tech skills to take their careers to the next level

Lena Janack, Head of Consumer Data Science, BT

15.40 Dedicated Speed Networking!

Please Use This Dedicated Time In The Agenda To Network With Industry Peers

16.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Leadership & Engagement 

16.30 Incorporate Career Growth Into Your Working Day & Equip Yourself With The Tools & Self-Confidence To Take Those Steps Up The Ladder

  • Advancing to the c-suite won’t happen overnight! Strategies to form meaningful and actionable women’s networks guaranteed to set women on the path to the c-suite
  • Effective leadership=effective communication… how are female leaders navigating the dialogue around women in tech to guarantee that women will flourish and contribute their best at work
  • Do things differently: reverse mentoring! Nurture close relationships with the top to increase two-way engagement and cultivate a sense of belonging

Daniela Aguiar, Director, Partnerships Technology & Operations, Paramount

Diversity, Inclusion & Allyship


16.50 Drive Forward Diversity In The Tech Industry By Cultivating A Collaborative & Authentic Internal Culture That Celebrates The Differences Amongst All Employees

  • Avoid discussing D&I abstractly… what tangible steps can be taken to diversify the tech industry and subsequently produce ground-breaking and innovative technology that reflects wider society
  • No two women are the same! Pivot your organisational efforts to understand the multi-intersecting aspects of a woman’s identity, how this affects their journey within tech, and discover what personalised mentorship is needed for career advancement
  • Diversity in tech isn’t just a women’s issue: how can all employees collaborate and advocate for the core goal of D&I in tech?

16.50 Perspective One

Ruth Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Lloyds Banking Group

17.10 Perspective Two

Deepa Tambe, Head of Reporting Technology, Barts Health NHS Trust

Data & Our Blind Spots


17.30 Data & Our Blind Spots 

In an age of constant tech development, innovation and change, I’m sure we’ve all noticed that data is exploding! We have more data than we have ever had! Quite rightly managing it is proving to be challenge. We’re therefore constantly looking for ways to get better at managing data, creating governance, investing in tools teams etc to be able to keep pace with the technology and to be able to service customers better- regardless of the industry we’re in!

Let’s take a different perspective into understanding why there is a gap between understanding data management and doing data management! What are our blind spots?

Snigdha Bircher, Data & Transformation Leader, Nationwide Building Society

17.50 Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close of The Conference

Ingrid Iradukunda, Senior Technical PM, Logistics Optimisation Technologies, Amazon

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Protiviti