Leverage The Latest Tech Trends, Advance Careers & Drive Digital Innovation To

Inspire, Empower & Propel The Careers Of Women In Tech To Stay At The Forefront Of Cutting-Edge Tech Advancements

Cutting-Edge Tech, AI & Machine Learning • Level-Up Recruitment & Onboarding • Break Barriers & Stigmas • Deliver Upskilling In Tech • Change Tech Cultures • Prioritise Empowerment & Progression • Raise Awareness For Getting Into Tech • Champion Diversity, Inclusion & Allyship
Inspiring Leadership & Engagement • Leverage Data & Analytics

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jo Armstrong, Head of UK Card Technology Risk Management, Capital One



09.20 Leverage Cutting-Edge AI & Machine Learning Solutions To Create More Dynamic & Impactful Business Results That Drive Efficiencies

  • From advances in automation, AI, machine learning, chatbots and voice-to-text software, what are the next tech innovations set to revolutionise your business goals?
  • Engage stakeholders with more ethical designs that embed empathy and compassion into digital ecosystems to increase automation adoption and mitigate fear
  • Deliver intelligent and agile AI and machine learning services which positively shape the customer experience and deliver tangible business results
  • Constraint or possibility: what are the opportunities and challenges associated with different emerging technologies and how can they really add value to your business strategies?

Asheeka Hyde, Head of Trading Analytics, Dunelm


09.40 Empower, Drive & Secure Vital Career Growth By Advocating Unbiased Application Processes To Develop A Strong, Powerful & Supportive Women’s Network Within Your Company 

  • Encourage revolutionising your company’s tech recruitment practices from technical interviews and assessments to onboarding and orientation in order to attract, engage, and retain top-level female talent so that you can lead, inspire and develop diverse and skilled teams
  • Uncover the critical tech processes you need to have under your belt now in order to upskill, gain a competitive advantage and secure unparalleled career progression
  • Act as an ambassador to showcase your company as a valuable and worthy long-term career option which provides a secure and supportive work environment that champions the female employee experience
  • This isn’t a tick box mission! Advocate to eliminate bias and positive discrimination in recruitment and career development processes in your organisation to develop a strong women’s network and drive authentic career development mitigating tokenism

Camille Taylor, Digital Product Owner, McDonald’s

Andrea McHale-Pilkington, Scrum Master, McDonald’s

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Grayce Group

Melissa Burke, Chief Customer Officer, Grayce Group




10.15 Overcome Barriers, Break Down Stereotypes & Remove Stigmas! Tackle Micro-Aggression Challenges To Create A Supportive Environment To Progress Your Careers & Excel In Tech

  • Determine the opportunities for self-development: breakdown barriers to progression by pinpointing clear and concise career growth pathways and mapping out how you can achieve your goals
  • Support and encourage training programs around bias and discrimination for employees across your company to raise awareness, remove misconceptions and create an environment where all women can excel in tech
  • Combat imposter syndrome in a traditionally male-dominated industry and reverse self-doubt to become empowered through confidence and have the agency to shape your career
  • From mentoring, female networks and sponsorship, work to reframe any exclusionary narratives and dispel myths around coding and technical roles to encourage all women to push forward their own careers in tech

Michelle Conway, Lead Data Scientist, Lloyds Banking Group

Kam Hothi, Global Head of Program Management for Financial Risk Technology, Citi

Quarina Sultana, Head of Digital Engagement, RNIB 

Tina Jetha, Managing Customer Business Executive, Amdocs

10.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Artifeks

Tara Waterman, Director, Artifeks

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Splunk Services UK Limited





11.45 Empower Women To Succeed In Tech By Promoting A Supportive, Flexible & Attentive Company Culture Which Enables Women To Thrive Within The Industry

  • Culture is a key enabler to ensure an engaged and enthusiastic workforce at all levels so how can we work together to avoid burnout and overworking, and encourage a positive work-life balance where all women can thrive?
  • Attentive tech cultures! How do companies ensure female employees are sufficiently supported with flexible working arrangements, if needed, to balance home responsibilities without sacrificing career progression so they feel connected, understood and valued?
  • Continuously review and action critical feedback to really listen and understand employee values and expectations to ensure vital career progression for women

Rachel Johnson, Technology Business Partner, Severn Trent

Deborah Robinson, Director of Development & Experimental Engineering, Rolls-Royce

Athena Zitrou, Head of Business Analytics, Scottish Water

Lara Izlan, Director of Data Strategy, ITV

Dr Tafline Ramos, Practice Director – Quality Engineering & Assurance, Planit




12.15 Upskill & Add Value To Your Skillsets To Propel Forward Your Career Advancement In Tech With Effective Technical Training, Concise Development Plans & Critical Personal Growth

  • Drive forward your career opportunities and advance by enrolling in mentoring programs, coding bootcamps and technical skill workshops to develop as a well-rounded and competitive candidate
  • Empathy is your superpower! Upskill soft skills, including motivation, communication, and coaching to champion and recognise the value of non-technical knowledge qualities to get ahead of the game (and competition!)
  • Propel yourself into positions of power and influence in tech by investing in self-growth and upskilling opportunities which removes the knowledge gap and sets you up with the skills to become an effective female leader

12.15 Perspective One

Monica Jones, Chief Data Officer, University of Leeds

12.35 Perspective Two

Claire Reckless, Engineering Manager, Moneysupermarket Group




12.55 Empower & Inspire The Next Generation Of Talent With High-Impact Strategies That Demonstrate Clear Career Progression & Boost Productivity & Engagement

  • As women in tech today, how can we develop effective mentorship training models and programs which inspire the next generation of female leaders in tech in order to secure industry growth in years to come?
  • Dispel fear and intimidation and empower other women to pursue and progress within the tech industry by instilling confidence and indicating the opportunities to flourish based on your own experiences and pathways
  • Continue to promote mentorship and powerful female networks which demonstrate the opportunities and trajectories available with a career in tech to drive forward the next-generation of talent

12.55 Perspective One

Joanne Barry, Head of Technology Fraud Prevention, NatWest Group

13.15 Perspective Two

Sarah Baker, Head of Technology, Sky

13.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners & Informal Breakout Discussions

a. Reverse Mentoring
b. Mid-Level Career Opportunities
c. Levelling Up
d. Coding
e. Data Science

Heather Walker, Global Head of Data Science, Analytics & Visualisation, Specsavers

f. Women Of Colour In Tech

Quarina Sultana, Head of Digital Engagement, RNIB

14.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Joanne Barry, Head of Technology Fraud Prevention, NatWest Group

Natallie Welch, Head of Office of the CIO, Severn Trent




14.55 Powerful Women In Tech, Inspiring Powerful Women To Get Into Tech! Debate & Discuss How To Work Together To Showcase The Advantages Of A Diverse, Technical & Thriving Industry With Countless Opportunities To Flourish & Advance To Secure Continuous Growth For Women In Tech 

  • Is technical jargon the barrier to entry? How can we look to influence others in tech and make the process as accessible as possible to those starting out their careers in tech
  • Discuss and debate how we can work harder to speak out about our experiences in tech as women and encourage female talent to think about a career in tech to boost your teams with diverse top female talent!

Chioma Anyanwu-Akpom, Global Head of Audit Systems Analytics & Innovation, HSBC

Jennifer Beckett, Head of Product Line Architecture, Co-op

Meghana Nile, Business Architect, Allianz

Izabella Koukorava, Head of Product Development, Europe, Sky

Kevin Dainty, Client Relationship Manager, Reed


15.25 Presentation focusing on the human angle of digital transformation

Dia Nag, Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation, Cabinet Office Digital




15.45 Incorporate Emerging Technologies & Innovations In Tech, Data & Analytics To Boost Business Models, Further Your Personal Interests & Develop Expansive Skillsets

  • The Metaverse, ChatGPT, blockchain, VR… what’s next? Leverage the latest tech innovations and trends and harness their potential in transforming the future of the tech industry
  • Drive productivity with intelligent and agile digital and automation tools, solutions and frameworks that drive productivity through data and automation
  • Learn valuable skills and polish your tech skillset and portfolio with insights into coding to boost your career and get ahead in the world of tech
  • In the expansive field of digital, data and analytics, leverage tech trends to achieve transformational business solutions and manage change through strategic, innovative capabilities

16.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Government Digital Service

16.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Share Your Insights- Collate Your Collaborations With Our Ideas Board




17.00 Take Those Critical Steps Up The Ladder! Get Inspired By Real-World Examples Of Powerful Female Leaders & Role Models In Tech 

  • Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women – how can you take the vital steps to guarantee advancing to the top table and secure leadership positions?
  • As a woman in tech, maximise mentoring networking, role models and reverse mentoring to increase engagement, inspire and guarantee critical career advancements
  • Equip yourself with the tools to succeed by incorporating career growth into your working day, nurturing close relationships with leadership, and determining what you need to action in order to achieve your aspirations

Rochelle Gold, Head of User Research, NHS England

Camille Taylor, Digital Product Owner, McDonald’s

Aisha Nevers, Senior Director Technology Strategy, Haleon

Gail Borley, Head of Brand & Digital Marketing, Boots Opticians

Jo Armstrong, Head of UK Card Technology Risk Management, Capital One

Dia Nag, Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation, Cabinet Office Digital



17.30 Take Tangible Steps To Celebrate Differences, Empower Inclusivity & Cultivate A Real Sense Of Belonging To Really Drive Forward Diversity In The Tech Industry 

  • Women are one, but we are not all the same! Does your team and company really understand the multi-intersecting aspects of women’s identities and how this could impact career development opportunities in tech?
  • Advocate to ensure your company incorporates the core principles of diversity, inclusion and equality into organisational strategies to enable all colleagues to bring their whole selves to work to truly excel in tech
  • Engage and encourage male allies to champion the achievements of fellow colleagues to create an organisation that is aligned to inclusion, collaboration and ground-breaking tech innovations

17.30 Perspective One

Meghana Nile, Business Architect, Allianz 

17.50 Perspective Two

Deborah Robinson, Director of Development & Experimental Engineering, Rolls-Royce

18.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Joanne Barry, Head of Technology Fraud Prevention, NatWest Group

Natallie Welch, Head of Office of the CIO, Severn Trent